Two of our Year 7 students, Thomas N and Gabriela P were present at Chester Cathedral on Tuesday 5th March to take part in the Canon Chancellor’s Award.

Following last year’s successful Art entry at Key Stage 3, Thomas produced an outstanding piece of appropriation poetry taken from Bible verses to enable The Ellesmere Port Church of England College to win the Key Stage 3 Award in 2019.   Thanks to Mr Marshall and the English team for their assistance. As well as receiving his certificate and prize, Thomas was given the opportunity to read his poetry piece. This is currently on display in the Chapel. 

Accompanied by the Chaplain and Miss Fox our students took part in the Lego challenge and added their pieces to the design of Chester Cathedral. Furthermore, they participated in the Chester Cathedral Tower Tour which was one of many highlights of the day.  

Mr Anderson, Chaplain at The Ellesmere Port Church of England College said: “It was a memorable occasion and I was particular pleased with how Thomas read his poem. He captured the meaning very well.”

Thomas himself said: “I shall never forget reading out my poem at Chester Cathedral and the Tower Tour was great too.”