Literacy and numeracy intervention is available for those students who may require extra support with their learning. This is addressed through Key Skills lessons in Year 7, 8 and 9 is planned to directly support the expectations of the National curriculum as well as to build on the basic literacy and numeracy skills which are needed for success in all subjects. These lessons are timetabled so that pupils who require this support are fully catered for, to help them move forward and achieve their full potential.

Reading and writing

Our year 7’s and 8’s are currently reading ‘Abomination’ by Robert Swindles. The students are looking at the issues facing the two main characters and are developing the ability to analyse and empathise with fictional personalities.

Our year 9’s are enjoying ‘The Diary of a Young Girl’ by Anne Frank. They are looking at the wider, historical context surrounding this intimate portrait and the events that led to its writing. The students are considering aspects of the text and questioning how they would feel living in those conditions.

By understanding the writer’s purpose and the effect this has on the reader, our students are able to make connections between what they know and what they are reading, which, in turn, improves their comprehension skills.


Our students are learning to write accurately, effectively and at length for pleasure and information. They are being taught to extend and self-correct their grammar. New vocabulary is introduced through extensive reading and our ‘word of the week’ posters throughout the school. Key Skills lessons also contain handwriting practice exercises which are vital in ensuring all written work is clear and legible.

Our students have been writing diary entries, conversational pieces, sequencing events and descriptive narrative.

Solving problems (numeracy)

Key Skills students are taught to develop their mathematical knowledge, solve problems and evaluate the outcomes.They work through multi step problems and revisit learned processes in order to achieve the best they can. They use numeracy support programmes such as ‘Numeracy Workout’ to help them consolidate and build on the knowledge and skills they hold.

Our commitment to Literacy and Numeracy is a valued part of the Key Skills experience.