In this current half-term, Year 9 form groups participated in a Lenten styled Prayer Space activity on the theme of Trust.

They were asked about the nature of trust and were invited to write verses placed on palm crosses or on post-it-notes about who or what trust is placed in. An explanation was also given about Lenten symbols – a candle (symbol of Jesus being the Light of the World) and palm crosses (to remember the sacrifice made by Jesus) which were placed on the Year 9 Prayer Space table. They were given opportunity to consider the necessity of trust and then there would be an opportunity for prayer.  The Year 9 Prayer Space is currently on display in the Chapel.

This event is part of a rolling programme where Prayer Spaces are a vital part of the spiritual life of The Ellesmere Port Church of England College and these will be take place regularly where students and staff will be encouraged to consider and reflect upon key themes.

Mr Anderson, Chaplain at The Ellesmere Port Church of England College said: “Lent is often a season where we are invited to take time to pause and reflect upon important matters – Year 9 groups gave valuable feedback as to what trust meant to them but hopefully gained a wider understanding of who Christian trust is placed in.

Zachary D from 9CDA said: “It was great to participate in – it really helped you think about what really matters.”