At the Ellesmere Port C of E College our Christian Atmospheres of Hope, Trust and Peace underpin our Christian Ethos as a Church of England school. We seek to encourage and enable our students to grow and develop, supporting each other to become the best versions of themselves spiritually, morally and emotionally as well as academically.

Our Chapel is a dedicated space for quiet reflection and prayer within the school; a place for staff and students looking for a place to give thanks or facing a difficulty are able to sit and be. It’s also used for group prayer times for both staff and students.

Christian Value representatives are selected from each form group who work to inform and develop our Collective Worship.  They also develop how we can demonstrate Christianity through our actions, such as collecting food for the foodbank at Harvest and Christmas as well as coats and socks for the homeless during Advent and Lent. These are things we have done

Chaplaincy and Collective Worship

The Chaplaincy will lead and advance our Church of England Christian foundation by developing the spiritual life of the school community and supporting those of other faiths and of none.

By promoting the The Ellesmere Port C of E College values of ‘Believe’, ‘Belong’ and ‘Become’ and our Christian Atmospheres of ‘Hope’, ‘Trust’ and ‘Peace’, we will explore the living faith of Christianity in Ellesmere Port today. 

The role of a chaplain in the Church of England is to care for people who have faith (or no faith), as well as nurture and develop the spiritual life of the school community through Christian living.

Our Chaplain is Mr Anderson. Mr Anderson has been a teacher for over 15 years working in both the secondary and primary sectors, including as a Pastoral Head and Head of Learning in a secondary school in addition to being an experienced youth and children’s worker.

The Chaplain gives important direction to the faith-life aspect of the Academy through Collective Worship and various seasonal celebrations in the Christian calendar.  Themes are reflected upon on a weekly basis and there are resourced and supported activities to enable form tutors to provide a daily act of worship during Academic Review time.

As a school, we have extensive links within the wider community and the Chaplaincy actively seeks to strengthen ties to existing churches and other agencies based locally.  This is done through the promotion of charitable causes and events that take place within the life of the school community.

Special Events

As an Academy, we are also building and strengthening links with the local faith community of Ellesmere Port, celebrating key Christian festivals such as Christmas and Easter with whole school services in St Thomas’ Church as well as celebrating Harvest within the Academy building.

Right for withdrawal

Whilst parents do have the legal right to withdraw pupils from this, this does not mean that the students will be in any way exempt from the Christian ethos of the school which underpins the whole of school life.  If there are any students whose parents exercise their right to withdraw them from worship alternative activities will be provided in consultation with the student’s parents. This does not mean that the students will be in any way exempt from the Christian ethos of the school which underpins the whole of school life. Parents are made fully aware of this when they enrol their children.


Diocese of Chester

Church of England

St Thomas & All Saints

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Academy Prayer

Dear Lord,

I ask you to help me Believe in myself and those around me.

I ask that as a community we can all find a place to Belong by supporting one another.

I ask that with your help I will aspire and Become the very best I can be.