Tuesday 12 March saw the start of The Ellesmere Port Church of England  Collage Debate club, with 44 students from both Year 9 and 10 attending a 1 hour training session.

Over the next 18 weeks will see students develop crucial debate skills, which will then result a regional competition against 6 other schools in the area.

The debate activities saw students develop contrasting views within timed conditions. Mr Bradley acted as speaker and students were limited to a 30second window to share their views.

The topics that students debated included:

  • Is a 17 year-old a child or an adult?
  • What age should you be allowed to get married?
  • What age should you be allowed to join the army?
  • What age should you be allowed to drive a car?’

“The students who attended were keen offer an opinion and did so in a constructive manner. It was a very positive initial session and we look forward to seeing how students’ progress over the next 18 weeks”  – Mrs Pierce-Wilson Head of History.