Our Christian Value Representatives in Years 7, 9 and Year 13 were pleased to support the ‘Wednesday Welcome’ event at Trinity Methodist Church.

We are helping with these sessions weekly supporting those in need by listening to their stories, helping distribute clothing and food and making hot drinks in this cold weather.  Additionally, last week we have donated over 100 food items to the Cheshire Food Bank.  This weekly activity will be continuing throughout 2019.

Mr Anderson, Chaplain at The Ellesmere Port C of E College said: “It has been wonderful to engage with Trinity Methodist and I have been excited about how our Christian Value Representatives have already made excellent contributions to the locality of Ellesmere Port. By speaking to those attending, they have gained a useful insight as to what happens each week and its value.” 

George King, a Year 9 Christian Value Representative also said: “It was inspiring to see what is being done to help and I’m thrilled to be a part of it.”