As part of the developing programme for Prayer Spaces at the University Church of England Academy, we held a Year 7 Prayer Space activity on the theme of Trust where individual students were invited to participate in the Glass Water Trick and understand what the Bible has said about our core value of Trust. Students were invited to think of who can we trust and how God can always be trusted on the prayer space wall and then there would be an opportunity for prayer. Students were encouraged to think about themselves in light of what they saw and read.
This event is part of a rolling programme where Prayer Spaces are a vital part of the spiritual life of the University Church of England Academy and these will be take place regularly where students and staff will be encouraged to consider and reflect upon the core values of Believe, Belong, Become and the distinctive Christian atmospheres of Hope, Trust and Peace.

Mr Anderson, Chaplain at University Church of England Academy stated: “Trust is one of our key Christian atmospheres at the University Church of England Academy. Students hopefully could see that trust is essential for any meaningful relationship and to think carefully about how important each person is from God’s Word.”

Our School Pastor, Kathleen, commented: “It was an engaging activity which inspired students to think carefully about what trust actually means in practice.”